Disability Studies Quarterly

Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ) is the journal of the Society for Disability Studies (SDS). It is a multidisciplinary and international journal of interest to social scientists, scholars in the humanities, disability rights advocates, creative writers, and others concerned with the issues of people with disabilities. It represents the full range of methods, epistemologies, perspectives, and content that the multidisciplinary field of disability studies embraces. DSQ is committed to developing theoretical and practical knowledge about disability and to promoting the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society. (ISSN: 1041-5718; eISSN: 2159-8371)

Note from the editors: Like other academic journals, the purpose of Disability Studies Quarterly is to generate intellectual debate and conversation regarding peer reviewed scholarship.  As the new Co-Editors of DSQ, we embrace this task. DSQ is in the unique position of being an interdisciplinary journal which encourages readers to read across disciplines, understanding disciplinary conventions while also questioning the utility of those conventions. We value strong and creative interventions in the applied fields, recognizing these fields as vital to Disability Studies. Disability Studies scholarship has a firm foundation in the liberal arts while also having practical application to the lived experience of disabled people. We look forward to fostering this scholarship during our tenure as editors and remain committed to a rigorous peer review process.

Vol 35, No 4 (2015): General Issue

Table of Contents

Prefatory Matter

Editors' Introduction
Michael Rembis, Tanja Aho


Priya Lalvani
Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist, Charlotte Brownlow, Lindsay O´Dell
Anne Pasek
Josephine A. Seguna
Carrie Lou Garberoglio, Duncan Dickson, Stephanie Cawthon, Mark Bond
Lucy Diep, Gregor Wolbring
Madeline Sutherland-Meier

Book and Media Reviews

The Capacity Contract: Intellectual Disability and the Question of Citizenship
Allison C. Carey
A Special Hell: Institutional Life in Alberta's Eugenic Years
Erika Dyck
Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement
Alison Kafer
Casualties of History: Wounded Japanese Servicemen and the Second World War
John M. Kinder
A History and Sociology of the Willowbrook State School
Kathryn Lawton
Already Doing It: Intellectual Disability and Sexual Agency
Andrew Barron Marcum
Rights Enabled: The Disability Revolution from the US, to Germany and Japan, to the United Nations
Lindsey Patterson
The Measure of Manliness: Disability and Masculinity in the Mid-Victorian Novel
Marion Quirici
Disability, Health, and Happiness in the Shakespearean Body
David Houston Wood