Vol 34, No 2 (2014)

Growing Disability Studies

Table of Contents

Prefatory Matter

Editor's Introduction HTML
Bruce Henderson

Special Topic: Growing Disability Studies

Guest Editors' Introduction: Growing Disability Studies: Politics of Access, Politics of Collaboration HTML
Michelle Jarman, Alison Kafer

I. Shifts

On Being Transminded: Disabling Achievement, Enabling Exchange HTML
Anne Dalke, Clare Mullaney
Thinking With Disability Studies HTML
Nirmala Erevelles
Transnationalising Disability Studies: Rights, Justice and Impairment HTML
Karen Soldatic, Shaun Grech

II. Energies

Growing Rhizomatically: Disability Studies, the Art Gallery and the Consortium HTML
Kristin Anne Lindgren, Amanda Cachia, Kelly C. George
Collision and Collusion: Artists, Academics, and Activists in Dialogue with the University of California and Critical Disability Studies HTML
Catherine Kudlick, Susan Schweik
Disability Is a Feminist Issue: Bringing Together Women’s and Gender Studies and Disability Studies HTML
Alison Piepmeier, Amber Cantrell, Ashley Maggio
“It’ll Grow Organically and Naturally": The Reciprocal Relationship between Student Groups and Disability Studies on College Campuses HTML
Allegra Stout, Ariel Schwartz

III. Locations

The Story of My Work: How I Became Disabled HTML
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
A Persian Alice in Disability Literature Wonderland: Disability Studies in Iran HTML
Negin H. Goodrich
Subversive Status: Disability Studies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland HTML
Lisa Pfahl, Justin J.W. Powell
The Disability Studies in Education Annual Conference: Explorations of Working Within, and Against, Special Education HTML
David Connor
The View from DSQ HTML
Elizabeth Brewer, Brenda Jo Brueggemann

Book and Media Reviews

Review of Disability Rhetoric HTML
Elizabeth Brewer
Review of Recovering Disability in Early Modern England HTML
Lara Southgate
Access and Fandom: Disability Studies From a Feminist Science Fiction Perspective HTML
Kathryn Wagner, Alexis Lothian
Rethinking Bad Girls HTML
Madaline Walter
Review of Who Cares About Kelsey HTML
Linda Ware

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