Vol 22, No 4 (2002)

Focus on Sexual Access for Disabled People

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/dsq.v22i4

Table of Contents


Russell Shuttleworth, Linda Mona
Discrimination, Sexuality and People with Significant Disabilities: Issues of Access and The Right to Sexual Expression in the United States
Holly Wade
Adventures in Child-Rearing: The Sexual Life of a Child Growing Up With Down Syndrome
Susan Fitzmaurice
Doing the Wild Thing: Supporting an Ordinary Sexual Life for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Carol Hamilton
Whose Sex is it Anyway?: Freedom of Exploration and Expression of Sexuality of an Individual Living with Brain Injury in a Supported Independent Living Environment
Karen Shue, Ana Flores
Incorporating Sexual Surrogacy into The Ontario Direct Funding Program
Lawrence Shapiro
Sex, Disability And Motherhood: Access To Sexuality For Disabled Mothers
Corbett O'Toole
Leisure: A Pathway to Love and Intimacy
David Howard, Mary Young
Freak Fucker: Stereotypical Representations of Sexuality in British Disability Art
Ronda Gowland
"Something in Your Belly" Fantasy, Disability and Desire in My One Legged Dream Lover
Kath Duncan, Gerard Goggin
Disabled Sex and the Movies
Leslie Harris
Forbidden Wedding: Movie Review
Mitchell Tepper
Lorre Mendelson
Sex, Intimacy, and Mental Illne A Personal Reflection
Scott Snedecor
Who'd Fuck an Ableist?
Katie Ball
Symposium Contributors
The Editor
A Bibliography of Studies on Religious, Cultural, Ethnic, and National Perspectives on Disability
David Pfeiffer
Blindness, Discipline, and Reward: Louis IX and the Foundation of the Hospice des Quinze Vingts
Edward Wheatley
Employment as Promoted by the International Labor Organization
Erin Martz
European Union Policy Toward People with Disabilities
Teresa Zolkowska, Iwona Kasior-Szerszen, Irena Blaszkiewicz
One Example of a Policy Entrepreneur in Postsecondary Education
Teresa Whelley
Performing in the Wind
Donna Walton
A Comment on the Social Model(s)
David Pfeiffer
Poetry -- Crip Pocket
Steven Brown
Poetry -- Crip Picket
Steven Brown
Shedding Tears for Style, Class and Dignity
Steven Brown
Ode to (and From) a Soldier of Justice
Steven Brown
Announcements, Subscription Information, Future Issues
The Editor